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CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size


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Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis (Dou-dii Rose x Brother Pirate King) x (Taida Lawrence x Goldberry) Flowers are deep yellows with a very strong red overlay. Lip blends into coral tones. Texture is very waxy and flowers have good shape $28 nfs


Phalaenopsis Phal (Taisuco Glory x Da-Chien Spider Beauty) Parentage includes Brother Lawrence and Salu Spot, two yellows with spots/bars, and Chih Shang Stripe and Ho’s French Fantasia. Expect mainly yellows with spots or stripes but some may be cream coloured with pink to red spots or stripes. Hybrid. $28-32 fs


Phalaenopsis Phal lobbii x Phal Brother Pepride The first to flower have ranged from white to pale orange tones with an orange lip and some red/orange speckling.

$26 fs


  Phalaenopsis Bronze Maiden Phal schilleriana x Phal mannii Most should have flowers that are somewhat star shaped and yellow to apricot/lavender in colour with some deeper lavender blush and spots. Expect lots of variation. $28-30 fs
Phalaenopsis Brother Kaiser Phal (Golden Peoker x Fortune Buddha) The first to flower have had hot pink to brick red spots over a creamy white or yellow background. Very waxy flower texture. Photo of two different hybrids. $30-32 fs
Phalaenopsis Brother Spring Dancer Phal (Be Tris x Timothy Christopher) Hybrid.  Be Tris is an equestris hybrid having white flowers with deep pink flares whereas Timothy Christopher also has equestris coupled with phal amabilis. Plants will be very compact, white, branching and some will have pink blushes or flares. $26-28 fs

Very limited

Phalaenopsis Brother Stage Phal (Taipei Gold x Golden Amboin) Yellow flowers with some concentric red/coral barring. Waxy texture. Should be fragrant as well. Mericlone $28-30 fs

Phalaenopsis Champion Girl Phalaenopsis (Fairy Tales x Pinlong Cardinal) White petals and petals , tinged faintly pink, lateral sepals with fine red dots; lip a striking cherry red edged golden yellow. Mericlone. $26-30 fs
  Phalaenopsis Corning's Violet Phal violacea x Phal corningiana Primary hybrid. Flowers have rich colours ranging from dark wine-red to rich purple. $26-28 fs
Phalaenopsis Dragon’s Gold Phal (Taipei Gold x amboinensis) Hybrid. Expecting intensified yellow flowers with vivid red/mahogany spots or blotches. . $26-28 fs
Phalaenopsis Ever Spring 'Angel' Phal (amabilis x New Glad) Mericlone. Tall, arched inflorescences; sepals and petals white with pink blush on the petals, lip dark lavender w/hint of yellow. Vigorous grower! $28 fs
Phalaenopsis Ever Spring 'Light' Phal (Ever Spring 'Star' x Golden Peoker') Sepals and petals white overlaid with plum purple blotching. Quite striking! Mericlone. $28 fs
Phalaenopsis Fantasy Musick Phal Micro Nova x Phal equestris The flowers on this plant quite resemble Phal Mini Mark except that the lip is more lavender to magenta as is the spotting on the petals and sepals. $28 fs
Phalaenopsis Haur Jin Diamond Phal (Golden Peoker x Ching Her Buddha) These will be spotted, the best will have cream to yellow backgrounds with plum purple blotches and spots. Hybrid.


$28-32 fs


Phalaenopsis Hita Phal Taisuco Kochdian x Hisa Nasu Hybrid. Large whites with yellow lip held high on very long spikes. Good flower count. $28-32 fs
Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Bee Phal (Golden Peoker ‘BL’ x Sogo Lisa ‘KH5074’) Hybrid. Sogo Lisa is a yellow whereas the Golden Peoker is white heavily overlaid with purple blotches. Some variation in flowers. $28-30fs

Sold out

Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Black Panther 'KH5804' Phal (Ever-spring King x I-Hsin Leopard) White flowers overlaid with plum purple spotting. Mericlone. Near flowering to flowering size. $28-32 fs

Sold out

Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Butterfly ‘KH5497’  Phal (Taipei Gold x Rainbow Chip) Taipei Gold is a deep yellow with contrasting red/brown stripes/spots. Rainbow Chip is an equestris hybrid. Progeny are multiflorals, in soft yellow tones.  $26-28 fs

Sold out

  Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Salmon 'Copper Star' Phalaenopsis (Princess Midas x Kuntrarti Rarashati) Very deep orange petals and sepals with some tessalation and a contrasting purple lip. Fragrant. Mericlone $28-30 fs
  Phalaenopsis Janet Ragan Phalaenopsis Baguio x Phalaenopsis gigantea Flowers will have a white to yellow base with pink spots throughout. $28 fs
  Phalaenopsis Joey Phal gigantea x Phal lueddemanniana 'Woodlawn' These should have round, full flowers with lots of colour variabiliy. Colour of the flowers should range from yellow orange with dark magenta markings to cream coloured flowers very heavily saturated in red or deep lavender markings. $28 fs

Available August 2014

  Phalaenopsis Karen Annie Phal. mariae x Phal. hieroglyphica Primary hybrid. Flowers have a glossy yellow base with vivid red barring over the petals and sepals. Lip is lavender. $26-28 fs

Available August 2014

  Phalaenopsis Luedde-violacea Phal. lueddemanniana 'Woodlawn' x Phal. violacea 'Malaysia' Expect flowers that are a rich fuchsia to deep magenta. Should also be fragrant $26-28 fs

Available August 2014

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark Phal (Micro Nova x philippinensis) Sepals and petals are ivory white with orange spots. The lip is a tangerine orange, with a single yellow streak along midsection. This is a very compact plant. Mericlone.

$28-30 fs

Available August 2014

Phalaenopsis Popcorn Ball Phal (Deventeriana x stuartiana) Pure, soft yellow flowers with good shape. Pink speckling on the lower portion of the bottom sepals as well as on the lip. Mericlone. Seedlings $26-28 fs
Phalaenopsis Salu Spot #11 Phal (Paifang’s Auckland x Golden Amboin) Mericlone. Clear yellow with good shape and substance. $28 fs
Phalaenopsis Salu Spot C-1 Phal (Paifang’s Auckland x Golden Amboin) Mericlone. Clear yellow with red spots. Waxy substance. $28 fs
  Phal Shirayukihime Phal (Musashino x Muriel Turner) Hybrid. Both parents are large, crisp whites with flowers held high on long, elegant spikes. $28-32 fs
Phalaenopsis Sogo Lisa ‘KH5074#1’ Phal (Taipei Gold x Salu Spot) Both parents throw vivid yellows often either boldly spotted or with mahogany bars. 

$28-32 fs

Phalaenopsis Sogo White Phal Taisuco Windian x (Taisuco Kochdian x Yukimai) These should carry graceful white flowers with butter yellow lips.  Hybrid.

$26-32 nfs


Phalaenopsis Sweety Sigrid 'Niep' Phalaenopsis (Brother Pico Sweetheart x Be Tris) This will be a fairly compact plant with lots of white flowers blushed with pink. Mericlone. $26 fs
 Phal Taipei Gold 'S.T.M.'  Phal (Gladys Read x venosa) Sepals and petals light lime green with very pale pink tint basally; lip white with yellow on midlobe base and side lobe front edges.  $25-28 nfs
Phalaenopsis Taisuco Kaaladian Phal (Mount Kaala x Taisuco Kochdian) Hybrid. Two excellent white, yellow/gold lips, tall spikes. $28-32 fs

Phalaenopsis Talin Gold

Phal (Golden Amboin x Pinlong Cardinal) Flowers should be  deep yellow to orange tones with a red lip. Mericlone. $26-28 fs
Phalaenopsis Timothy Christopher Phal (Cassandra x amabilis) Compact phalaenopsis. Sepals and petals white; lip midlobe white, yellow basally, side lobes speckled red near base. Often multiple spikes and a branching habit. Limited.

$28  fs

Phalaenopsis Tinny Golden Sun Phal (Golden Amboin x Yukimai) Flowers are a pale butter yellow, good shape and spikes give good flower count. Mericlone.

$26-28 fs


Phalaenopsis Tristar Peoker Phal (Golden Peoker x Salu Spot) Bother parents are heavily spotted. Expecting flowers ranging from white to pale pinks, and yellows, with varying degrees of spots/blotches. Hybrid. Limited $28-32 fs


Phalaenopsis Yin's Green Jewel Phal. Tsay's Evergreen x Phal. Yungho Gelb Canary Expecting flowers to range from chartreuse to clear yellow on this cross.

$26 nfs


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