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Paramount Orchids continuously imports, and propagates, new plant material to ensure that we always have a diverse and unique selection of plants for sale. Our current stock totals approximately 35,000 plants (seedlings to flowering size) and, as a result, we always have something new, or unusual, in flower.

It would be impossible to maintain a current listing of everything that we have in flower, however, we feature on this page certain select plants that we believe will catch the interest of both novice grower and collector alike. 

The plants we are currently listing are a selection from plants that are in spike, recent imports or which we believe are particularly noteworthy.

Please check our web page frequently as we regularly update it to take into account new plant importations or de-flasked seedlings.



Last updated  September 28 2018

CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size

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Aliceara (Beallara) Pacific Pastel 'Mauna Loa' Aliceara Tropic Splendor x Oncidium Connero The large flowers have cream petals and sepals with the occasional plum purple spot and a large white lip accented by plum purple spots $30-32  fs
Angraecum elephantinum Species Compact plant with dark green leathery leaves - one or two enormous waxy blossoms dwarf the plant - white sepals and petals are tinged with peach - lip is snow white. $28-30 fs
Ascocentrum miniatum Species This species produces a multitude of orange flowers on upright spikes $26 nfs


  Brassavola subulifolia species Jamaican species. Compact plant with many flowers on elegant pencil sized pseudobulbs. Flowers have pale green sepals and petals. The lip may be white or cream, sometimes with a hint of green. Fragrant. $30-32 fs


Brassia Montville Spiders Brassia (Memoria Fritz Boedeker x Brown's Sunrise) These should be large, spidery flowers, with the colours tending towards tan and gold . $32 nfs

$35 fs

Brassidium Golden Gamine 'White Knight' HCC/AOS Oncidium sotoanum x Brassidium Gilded Urchin Star shaped flowers with sepals and petals that are yellow, overlaid light green, and irregularly blotched dark maroon. The lip is white and spottedwith red-lavender. $30-32 fs

Bratonia (Miltassia) Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS Bratonia Shelob x Bratonia Charles M. Fitch Very large flowers on this plant. Sepals and petals have a cream-coloured base overlaid in a deep lavender. The large lip is evenly blushed lavender, sparsely and irregularly spotted with brown, yellow and white spots. $28-32 fs

Bratonia (Miltassia) Shelob 'Okika' Mtssa Olmec x Brassia Edvah Loo This clone has dark chocolate sepals and petals highlighted with chartreuse bars and edging. Lip is a rich rose colour with yellow haloed chocolate spots. Edges of the leaves are variegated. $28-32 fs


Bulbophyllum A-doribil Candy Bulb (Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' x bicolor) The large flowers will range from a cream base heavily spotted in burgundy to an ivory base overlaid in raspberry red $26-28 nfs
Bulbophyllum annandalei Species A compact species with flowers that range from crimson or yellow with pale red-brown stripes or dots. The lip is yellow/orange and may be heavily blotched with red spots. $26-28 fs


Bulbophyllum blumei (maxillare) Species A small, 5" to 7" tall species, which has single blossom on each inflorescence. Flowers are large for the size of the plant and are red/purple in colour with some veination and yellow gold around the edges of the sepals. $28-30 fs
Bulbophyllum dearii Species This form of the species has yellow flowers with tessellation on the dorsal sepal and red highlights on sepals. Flowers are up to 3” and are long lasting and waxy with a slight fragrance. $28 fs
Bulbophyllum grandiflorum (Syn Hylosema grandiflora) species Flowers which are green and bronze, are reticulated and can reach a size up to 7 inches! $26 nfs

$30 fs

Bulbophyllum taiwanense species Miniature species from Taiwan. Clusters of orangey brown flowers are help high above the leaves. 26 fs

Cattleya Catt (mantiqueirae x coccinea) Hot sunset to red flowers on a miniature plant. $28-30 fs

Cattleya Cattleya (Rubin x sincorana) This cross is 1/4 Cattleya purpurata and 3/4 Cattleya sincorana. Plants will be compact with pink to deep red flowers that are large for the size of the plant. $30-32 fs


Cattleya Cariad's Mini-Quinee 'Angel Kiss' HCC/AOS Cattleya Mini Purple x Cattleya intermedia Fairly compact plant. Flowers will have sepals that are light lavender; petals are blue-lavender the lower third of which is a dark blue-lavender. The lip is a dark blue-lavender, throat white, side lobes light lavender. $32-35 fs

Cattleya Blue Pearl Cattleya walkeriana x Cattleya Aloha Case This will be a compact plant with wonderful fragrance and large flowers with colours ranging from off white to lavender to deep pinks. $34-36 fs
Cattleya dolosa var alba species Flowers will resemble Cattleya walkeriana in shape, with flat white flowers, pale yellow in the spathe shaped lip, on a mid sized plant. $36 fs

Cattleya Isabelle Stone Cattleya (sincorana x coccinea) This miniature hybrid produces large intense red flowers. $28-30 fs
Cattleya jenmanii var coerulea species The blue form of this sought after South American species. Plants are relatively compact, with large, fragrant flowers. This colour form should have sepals and petalsthat are blue-lavender, the lip will be lavender accentuated by a golden throat. $28-34 fs

Cattleya Love Castle Cattleya Psyche (1902) x Cattleya José Dias Castro This cross produces intense dark purple flowers on a compact plant. Flowers are large for the size of the plant and fragant. $32-35 fs
Cattleya maxima species Sepals and petals will be a medium to deep lavender with a ruffled lip in dark lavender tones, overlaid with deep magenta veins. $32 nfs

$35 fs

  Cattleya maxima var coerulea 'Hector x self' species This selfing should give flowers with pale lavender blue petals and sepals and a lip more deeply veined in dark blue/magenta. $32 nfs
  Cattleya Orglade's Grand Cattleya ( Mildred Rives x Persepolis) Sparkling white flowers with a stunning lip in magenta-purple and a lemon yellow throat. Flower substance is good. Fragrant. $34-36 fs

Cattleya White Island Cattleya walkeriana x Cattleya jongheana This compact plant will have large white to pink flowers with a soft golden yellow throat and is fragrant. $34-36 fs
Cirrhopetalum fascinator species The blooms on this plant move, wave, and wiggle. Native to Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. The large flowers are deep red, petals and sepals are somewhat 'hairy'. $26-28 fs

Cymbidium Cymbidium erythraeum x dayanum var simonsianum Unusual cross between two cymbidium species. The dayanum parent has flowers that are white with red striping whereas cymbidium erythraeum has tan coloured flowers that are suffused in red and mahogany spots and stripes. $30-32 nfs


Dendrobium antennatum species Called the antelope orchid. Flowers are white with lavender to purple striping on the lip, has twisting petals that reach up like antelope antlers. Up to 15 flowers, that are fragrant and long lasting, are held on a 10" long spike. $30 fs

Dendrobium Dawn Marie Dendrobium (formosum x cruentum) Ivory white sepals and petals with a lip that has varying degrees of burnt orange color concentrated in the center of the throat. Fragrant and long lasting flowers. $28-32 fs
Dendrobium formosum species A large flowering dendrobium from India, with showy, white flowers that have a yellow throat. Has a very pleasant licorice fragrance. $30-32 fs

Dendrobium Frosty Dawn Dendrobium (Dawn Maree x Lime Frost) Spikes are produced from the top of the canes and carry flowers that are 2 ˝" - 3" across. Sepals & petals are white or a creamy-green. The lip is white to cream, with the bottom half yellow, bright orange or orange-red. $28-32 fs

Dendrobium Hibiki Dendrobium (bracteosum x laevifolium) Dark rose pink flowers with a bright pink lip arranged in large clusters around the base of the plant. Relatively compact and quite easy to grow with flowers that are very long lived. 28-32 fs
Dendrobium lawesii species Flowers spikes are short, arising from the old and new leafless canes with several pendant, showy, highly variable flowers that occur most any time of the year. $26 nfs

$28 fs

Dendrobium sanderae var Luzonica species This species from the Philippines has tall canes carrying showy, crystalline white flowers with a throat that is marked with sharply contrasting red or plum-purple parallel stripes. $28-34 fs


Dendrobium tetragonum var gigantea (syn Dend cacatua) species Medium sized species comes from Queensland Australia. It may be grown mounted or in pot. The large, green and brown flowers are quite fragrant. $26-28 fs
Dendrochilum longifolium species Medium sized epiphyte with narrow, conical, pale green pseudobulbs carrying a solitary leaf that blooms at any time of the year on very slender, arching, 16" long, densely many yellow flowered inflorescences. Fragrant. $30 fs
Dendrochilum magnum species Found in The Philippines as an epiphyte that blooms on an erect  20" [50 cm] long, many flowered inflorescence with the fragrant flowers arising in rank and file occurring in the spring and fall. $28 nfs

$34 fs

Encyclia randii Species Brazilian species that produces an abundance of flowers with deep red/brown petals and sepals and a white lip accented by a red to rosy purple central veining. $28-32 fs
  Epidendrum stamfordianum species An attractive species which normally produces showy spikes of 3/4 in. FRAGRANT yellow flowers with red spots. $32-35 fs

Epilaeliocattleya Rene Marquez Epi. pseudepidendrum x C. Claesiana Lots of 3" - 4" flowers on the cross. The sepals and petals are bright green and the labellum is a very bright yellow to yellow-orange. The column and base is an intense purple-red.

$32-35 fs

Gomesa (Oncidum) Alosuka 'Claire' AM/AOS Gomesa Memoria (Kiyoshi Akatsuka x Aloha Sunshine) You can expect lots of flowers having chartreuse petals and sepals with maroon spots at the tips and a large yellow lip with a dark maroon center. $28-30 fs

Gomestele (Odontocidium)Akashi Rst. bictoniensis x Gom. Flexuosa Petals and sepals are yellow heavily barred in bright mahogany whereas the large lip is yellow suffused in tiny orange to red markings $25-28 fs
Haraella odorata (retrocalla) species Miniature Taiwan Species, flowers are cream to yellow with purple blotch on lip. Quite fragrant. $26-28 fs


Laelia dayana (Cattleya bicalhoi) Species Very compact species from Brazil. Petals and sepals are pale pink to rosy mauve, and the tubular lip is heavily veined deep red with the end of the lip a solid red. $30-32 fs


Laelia praestans species Miniature species from Brazil. Flowers are large compared to the size of the plant (about 3 1/2") and are a deep pink with a much darker, trumpet shaped, lip. Fragrant. $28-32 nfs
Laelia tenebrosa species Brazilian species with large, showy flowers up to 7 inches across. Petals and sepals are generally copper to bronze in colour whereas the tubular lip is deep purple at the center flowing into a lighter purple towards the outside of the lip. $32-35 fs
Leptotes bicolor species  This lovely species is found in eastern Brazil. The sepals and petals are white and the lip is light to deep purple in the middle and white towards the outer margins. The flowers are amazingly large compared to the size of the plant. $26-28  fs
Masdevallia barlaeana species Miniature Species. Flowers are a brilliant rosy crimson. $28-30  fs

Masdevallia Huayna Picchu (Masd. veitchiana x Masd. princeps) Large, deep orange flowers. Intermediate grower and diffuse light are ideal conditions for this plant. $28-30 fs

Masdevallia Teipels Coppertri Masd Copperwing x Masd triangularis Yellow gold flowers burnished wil a patina of red/orange hairs. $25 fs
Masdevallia tovarensis species This miniature plant throws a multitude of pure white flowers. $26-28 fs


Maxillaria  cucullata Species Found in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  Flowers are quite variable, ranging from tan to nearly black, but most often in deep mahogany tones, with stripes or spotting. Fragrant. $28-34 fs
Maxillariella variabilis Species  Small, compact plant with flowers are up to (2 cm) across. The flowers, which are highly variable, may be white, yellow, deep orange, greenish yellow, and occasionally dark red or red-brown. They may also have dark red markings or a red lip. $28-30 fs
Miltonia spectabilis 'Centre Point'   Interesting colour form. Petals and Sepals are creamy white with pink flush at the base. Possibly a hybrid though was sold to us as an unusual colour variant of the species. $28 fs

 Odontocidium Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl' HCC/AOS  Odcdm Tiger Hambuhren x Odcdm Crowborough Many large (nearly 3") flowers on a branched spike. Flushed red blooms, maroon markings and a bright yellow lip. Very attractive. and the picture does not do it jus  $28-30 fs
Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Rainbow' Oncidium (Ruffles x Sharry Baby) Given the two parents to this plant one can expect extremely fragrant flowers (vanilla to chocolate scents). Plant is easy to grow and throws multiple spikes of red and white flowers. $30-32 fs
  Oncidium Aka Baby 'Raspberry Chocolate' Oncidium Jimbo x Oncidium Sharry Baby Lots of fragrant flowers on this Onc Sharry Baby hybrid. Sepals and petals are cream-color heavily overlaid with oxblood and the upper half of of the lip is raspberry red with the lower half pristine white. $30-32 fs
Oncidium (Odontoglossum) Serendipity 'Mellow Yellow' HCC/AOS Oncidium (cirrhosum x praestanoides) This plant has white sepals with butter yellow margins and oxblood spot. Petals are white with butter yellow margins, oxblood stippling at base, some with larger spots. Bright intense butter yellow lip with small oxblood spots. $28-30 fs
Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'  Onc Honolulu x Onc Jamie Sutton A sweet chocolate or vanilla fragrance gives this plant a fantastic edge! A multitude of reddish flowers with white edged lips, multiple spikes and a vigorous grower.  $32-35 fs
Oncidium Twinkle Onc (sotoanum) x cheirophorum) Miniature oncidium with a branching spikes carrying a multitude of fragrant (vanilla) cream to pale yellow flowers. $28-30  fs
Oncidium Twinkle 'Pink Profusion' Onc (sotoanum) x cheirophorum) An easy to grow miniature which throws masses of pink flowers that are extremely fragrant $26 fs
Oncostele (Wilsonara) Aloha Sparks 'Halloween' Oncostele Lorraine's Fourteenth Woc x Oncidium Redhot Spark This plant sends up branching spikes with dozens of vibrant red flowers having a complementary fiery orange red lip. $30-32  fs
Oncostele (Wilsonara) Eye Candy 'Pinky' Oncostele Catatante x Oncidium Barossa Delight This clone has vibrant pink flowers overlaid with deep red markings. Lip has yellow and red highlights. $28-30 fs
Rhynchonia (Odontonia) Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side of Cool' Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Miltonia Honolulu  These large flowers will have sepals and petals that are chartreuse, overlaid with purple. The lip is deep purple with darker purple veins $30-32 fs

Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum [(Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng)] x Maudiae Vinicolor These will be coloratum and vinicolors. Flowers should be large and balanced held high above the mottled leafed foliage. $28-32 fs

Paphiopedilum Paph (Samba Deception x fairrieanum) The Samba Deception parent should impart green petals and sepals heavily suffused with dark maroon spots. Pouch is tan to mahogany. The fairrieanum parent should provide flaring in the dorsal and likely add striping. $30-32 fs


Paphiopedilum [Ching Hua Vinicolor x (Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng) 'Roberto' x Maudiae 'Schwartz Madonna'] Breeding for very large, dark vinicoloured flowers. $22 ls

Paphiopediluym Delophyllum Paph (delantii x glaucophyllum) Flowers are a creamy pink; petals and petals are sprinkled with rows of tiny rose dots. Multiple growth plants. $28-32 nfs

Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle Paphiopedilum (rothschildianum x micranthum) Base colour will be creamy yellow to pale green, heavily overlaid with raspberry; dorsal sepal heavily tessellated in raspberry. Large Seedlings.   $28-30 ls

$35 nfs

Paphiopedilum haynaldianum 'Cynosure' HCC x Lloyd's Am AOS Species Very dark and large form of species Expect dorsal sepals that are cream and green with purple blushes. Petals are held in a Fu Manchu style, lower half pink tones with upper part green with some spotting. Pouch should be tan. $32-34 nfs

Paphiopedilum Honey OIE0144 (alba) Paph. philippinense var. album 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS x primulium var. album 'Full Moon' Remake of this beautiful primary hybrid using two albino form of the species. Flowers will be tending to the yellow tan colours. $34 fs
Paphiopedilum insigne Species The dorsal sepal is green, marked with large brown spots, the margin white. The petals are yellowish green, veined pale brown. The lip is golden brown, veined darker brown, the side lobes a deep yellow-brown with paler margins. $28-30 nfs

$36 fs

Paphiopedilum Memoria Larry Heuer

Paph (malipoense x emersonii)

Expect yellow to chartreuse flowers, some overlaid green and rose to red stippling. $38-45 fs

Paphiopedilum Norbert Gomes Paph (insigne Dark Form x Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS) Flowers should be large, glossy, well shaped and in mahogany and cream shades. $28-30  nfs

$35 fs

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio ‘Natural Beauty’ x sib ‘Giant Albino’ PUN 666 Paph (glaucophyllum x primulinum) Solid greens sequentials, some tinged pink. Paphanatics breeding. $32-35 fs

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin Paph (rothschildianum 'Ronnie's Wings' HCC x philippinense) These have large, sweeping flowers which can be up to 10 inches long! The base colour is a cream with a large vertically striped dorsal sepal and long twisting spotted petals. Paphanatics breeding. $28-35 ls

5" - 6" leaf span

Paphiopedilum Sakaki Paph (bellatulum x wenshanense This primary cross has flowers that resemble Paph bellatulum, Large, slightly cupped white flowers heavily marked with dark red spots. $35 fs

Very Limited

Paphiopedilum spicerianum Species Dorsal sepal is white with a purple mid-stripe and sharply contrasting green basal area. Petals are green with purple mid-stripe and the pouch is a dark green to tan. $35 fs
Phalaenopsis bellina species Two select clones of this sought after species. Waxy white to pale yellow flowers with the lateral sepals suffused violet purple. Incredible fragrance. $35 fs


Phalaenopsis cornu cervi and (['Jungle' x #2) x Yellow)] species Waxy chartreuse flowers heavily barred  with mahogany. Quite a compact plant. $28 fs
Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana species Phalaenopsis lueddemaniana is native to Luzon in the Philippine islands. The 1-1/2-inch flowers have beautiful colored purple bars all round the sepals and petals. The fragrant, waxy flowers are long lasting and bloom in the late summer months. $30 fs


Phalaenopsis violacea species This form of violacea has extremely fragrant flowers that are borne one by one in succession on a pendant, stout, inflorescence. Flowers are nearly solid lavender. $35-38


Phragmipedium Estee Hanson Phrag (Sorcerer's Apprentice 'RF' x Praying Mantis) Same as the preceding cross save only that Sorcerer's Apprentice 'RF' has been used as a parent. $36-38 nfs

Phragmipedium   Magic Twig Phrag (Taras x Mont Fallu 4n) With one of the parents having Grande in the backgound, expecting large, relatively long petalled flowers, in green and tan colours, some with twisting petals that will be tending to mohagany shades. $38-40 fs
Pleurothallis secunda species South American species. Creamy yellow flowers with magenta striping. $26-28 fs

Psycopsis Mariposa Psychopsis papilio x Psychopsis Kalihi Sequentially flowering. Sepals are a mahogany brown with irregular blotches; petals yellow with irregular chestnut barrings. The lip has a tear- drop. Flowers are large, up to 3 inches wide and 4 inches long. $35 fs


Renanthera monachica species This species carries many star-shaped blossoms that are bright orange and fairly densely spotted with irregularly shaped blood-red spots $32 fs

Rhynchoelaliocattleya RLC Toshie Aoki x (Rlc Apricot Flare x Rlc Sunset Bay) Breeding for yellow to gold flowers with red flares and deep red lip. $35-38 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Cattleya Motte Spot 'Paradise' x Rlc Hilo Grand White orchid with a deep red lip crossed with a plant having petals and sepals that have a green base heavily overlaid with purple blotches and a spathe lip that is white in the center flowing to deep purple at the base. $28-30 nfs


Rhyncholaeliocattleya Rlc [Chinese Bronze x (Lee Langford x Goldenzelle) x Waikiki Gold 'Lea")] The first to flower have given big, yellow to gold flowers, with ruffled red lips. Fragrant. $32- 35 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Chunyeah Jheng Yu No 19 Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Tassie Barbero x Kuan-Miao Chen)  Large, full formed flowers with deep yellow petals and sepals overlaid by dark orange/gold edges and a beautifully ruffled lip the lower two thirds of which is an intense red. $34-36 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Blc) Pink Empress Rhyncholaeliocattleya Mount Hood x Rhyncholaeliocattleya Bryce Canyon Very large, deep pink flowers with a contrasting yellow gold lip lightly striated in deep pink $36 fs


Rhyncholaeliocattleya Young Kong '16' Rlc Green Fantasy x Rlc Tassie Barbero Medium sized Cattleya hybrid. Inflorescences should produce 3-4 large, fragrant flowers. Flowers will be 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" across. Sepals and petals will be a rich bright yellow with the lip a darker yellow with a red/lavender throat. Picture $36-38  fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Village Chief North C Village Chief Cuba x Rlc Memoria Helen Brown Expecting pale green sepals and cream petals with varying amounts of pink feathering and a deeper pink lip. Unusual but very attractive colour combination. $34-36 fs
Sederia japonica Species The flower spike of this species is curved, and made up of many greenish white flowers, with purple bars on the lip. The 6 to 10 flowers open in succession and are prized for their sweet fragrance.  Japanese species. $26-28 fs
Sigmatostalix radicans Species This species has grassy thin upright grass like leaves which gives it quite an elegant look. Petals and sepals are a pale green and the lip is white. The fragrant blooms last a long time and plant is a vigorous grower. $26 fs

Zygonisia Cynosure 'Blue Birds' AM/AOS Aganisia cyanea x Zygopetalum Skippy Ku This plant has white flowers with sepals and petals that are overlaid in deep violet and a lip that is heavily suffused in violet $28-32 fs





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