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Paramount Orchids continuously imports, and propagates, new plant material to ensure that we always have a diverse and unique selection of plants for sale. Our current stock totals approximately 35,000 plants (seedlings to flowering size) and, as a result, we always have something new, or unusual, in flower.

It would be impossible to maintain a current listing of everything that we have in flower, however, we feature on this page certain select plants that we believe will catch the interest of both novice grower and collector alike. 

The plants we are currently listing are a selection from plants that are in spike, recent imports or which we believe are particularly noteworthy.

Please check our web page frequently as we regularly update it to take into account new plant importations or de-flasked seedlings.



Last updated  February 6, 2018

CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size

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Aliceara (Beallara) Pacific Pastel 'Mauna Loa' Aliceara Tropic Splendor x Oncidium Connero The large flowers have cream petals and sepals with the occasional plum purple spot and a large white lip accented by plum purple spots $28-30  fs
Angraecum bosseri Species This species is still considered by some to be a small-growing and smaller-flowered form of Angcm. sesquipedale. As an adult it will not reach more than 12" in height. The flowers are quite similar to Angcm. sesquipedale, but are only 6" across. $36 fs
Angraecum elephantinum Species Compact plant with dark green leathery leaves - one or two enormous waxy blossoms dwarf the plant - white sepals and petals are tinged with peach - lip is snow white. $28-30 fs
  Angraecum germinyanum Species Variable sized species. Generally will have multiple flowers that are large (up to 5 inches) with the lip being white and the petals and sepals more of an light amber colour. Fragrant. $28-32 nfs
Ascocentrum (Vanda)ampullaceum Species Miniature vandaceous plant having bright, rich rose or rose magenta flowers.  $28-30 fs
Ascocentrum miniatum Species This species produces a multitude of orange flowers on upright spikes $26 nfs


Brascidostele Brsdm. Kenneth Bivin 'SB' x Ons. Black Beauty 'Ken' 4n The best will have tall, elegant sprays of flaring flowers having very dark red mahogany petals and sepals highlighted with a yellow halo around the edges. Lip will be a deep red with some white highlights. $32-34 fs
Brasiliorchis (Maxillaria) picta Species Intermediate grower that can be grown mounted or in pot. Flowers are long lasting and fragrant, various shades of yellow with some purple spotting and striping. $35 fs


Brassavola glauca species Species with night time fragrance; waxy flowers are white to a pale green with a white to creamy lip and a very dark purple spot in the throat; a hardy plant and easy to grow; likes to dry out and in bright light. $26-28 nfs

$32-34 fs

  Brassia Brassia (caudata alba x Edvah Loo) The Br caudata parent has yellow to chartreuse petals and sepals with a contrasting white lip with some yellow highlights. Br Edvah Loo has flowers with petals and sepals that are green and accented by chocolate bars and a cream coloured lip with some chocolate spotting. $25-28 ls

Brassia Montville Spiders Brassia (Memoria Fritz Boedeker x Brown's Sunrise) These should be large, spidery flowers, with the colours tending towards tan and gold . $32 nfs

$35 fs

  Brassidium Golden Gamine 'White Knight' HCC/AOS Oncidium sotoanum x Brassidium Gilded Urchin Star shaped flowers with sepals and petals that are yellow, overlaid light green, and irregularly blotched dark maroon. The lip is white and spottedwith red-lavender. $28-32 fs

Brassidium (Miltassia) Spider Star 'Toscana' Brsdm (Brs Rex x Onc schroederianum) 'Tocana' Large, star shaped flowers in yellow/green overlaid with mahogany bars. $15-18 ss

Brassolaeliocattleya LC Cluster Fire x BLC Orange Nugget Breeding for clusters of bright orange flowers. $30 -34 fs


  Bratonia (Miltassia) Shelob 'Okika' Mtssa Olmec x Brassia Edvah Loo This clone has dark chocolate sepals and petals highlighted with chartreuse bars and edging. Lip is a rich rose colour with yellow haloed chocolate spots. Edges of the leaves are variegated. $28-30 nfs


Bulbophyllum A-doribil Anna Roth Bulb. annandalei x Bulb. rothschildianum Umbrell type flowers that range from a cream colour heavily overlaid in reddish stripes to a deep burnt red. Large flowers for the size of the plant. $30 fs

Very Limited

Bulbophyllum ambrosia Species Miniature plant. Flowers are white, pink striped and the spikes are held above the foliage. The plant has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is particularly easy to grow. $28-30 fs
  Bulbophyllum blumei (maxillare) Species A small, 5" to 7" tall species, which has single blossom on each inflorescence. Flowers are large for the size of the plant and are red/purple in colour with some veination and yellow gold around the edges of the sepals. $28-30 fs
Bulbophyllum dearii Species This form of the species has yellow flowers with tessellation on the dorsal sepal and red highlights on sepals. Flowers are up to 3” and are long lasting and waxy with a slight fragrance. $28 fs
Bulbophyllum falcatum species These deep pink and cream flowers, though small, are presented very well on an elongated spike and are quite attractive. Miniature African species. $28-30 fs
Bulbophyllum hirundinis species Miniature species from Vietnam and Taiwan. The long, slender flower spike holds 4-10 flowers in a 'daisy like' arrangement. Flowers are large for the size of the plant with lots of burnt orange and a yellow/gold lip. $28 fs
  Bulbophyllum longisepalum species Species from Papua New Guinea with large flowers that are quite exotic looking. Expect flowers that are up to 7" long and have a cream base heavily overlaid in mahogany to maroon tesselations. $26-28 nfs
  Bulbophyllum mastersianum species Species from Mollucas and Borneo. Expect intense yellow gold flowers with a hint of burgundy red dusting along the sepals whereas the petals will be more heavily overlaid burgundy red. $32 ls

Very limited

Bulbophyllum retusiusculum species Miniature species from Southeast Asia. The 1 inch flowers have bright yellow gold lateral sepals and small, deep purple petals and dorsal sepal arranged at the base of the lateral sepals. Striking. $28 fs
  Bulbophyllum setaceum species Miniature Taiwan species. Flowers are green with striking orange highlights. $26-28 fs

Cattleya Catt (mantiqueirae x coccinea) Hot sunset to red flowers on a miniature plant. $28-30 fs

Cattleya (alaorii x sincorana) Cattleya (alaorii x sincorana) A crossing of two miniature cattleya species. Flowers are disproportionately large for the size of the plant and will be in varying shades of pink and lavender tones. $30 nfs


Cattleya amethystoglossa species Brazilian species with tall canes carrying clusters of fragrant flowers that are creamy pink with darker red to lavender spotting and a very deep red/lavender lip. $30- 32 nfs
Cattleya aurantiaca species Clusters of rich orange flowers with some maroon spotting in the throat. Mexican Species. $32-34 fs

Cattleya Cariad's Mini-Quinee 'Angel Kiss' HCC/AOS Cattleya Mini Purple x Cattleya intermedia Fairly compact plant. Flowers will have sepals that are light lavender; petals are blue-lavender the lower third of which is a dark blue-lavender. The lip is a dark blue-lavender, throat white, side lobes light lavender. $32-35 fs
  Cattleya guttata species Fairly tall Brazilian species with closters of 3 inch fragrant flowers that have tan to olive coloured sepals and petals overlaid with irregularly shaped, deep maroon spots. The spathe lip is a rich pink to magenta. $30-32 nfs
Cattleya harrisoniana ('Volcano Queen' x 'Binot') species These should flower with sepals and petals that are a deep rose-pink. The lip cream-coloured with a hint of rose-pink. Flowers are large, about 4-5 inches across. $32-34 fs


Cattleya intermedia var Orlata 'Rio' species Mericlone. Petals and sepals are a blush white with the lip being a darker magenta, rose. $30-32 fs

Cattleya Isabelle Stone Cattleya (sincorana x coccinea) This miniature hybrid produces large intense red flowers. $24-26 ls
  Cattleya jenmanii var coerulea species The blue form of this sought after South American species. Plants are relatively compact, with large, fragrant flowers. This colour form should have sepals and petalsthat are blue-lavender, the lip will be lavender accentuated by a golden throat. $28-34 fs

Cattleya Jillicoc Cattleya (Jillian Lee x coccinea) This is a miniature plant with very large flowers that are deep red in colour. $25-29 fs


Cattleya loddigesii species Flowers should be pinkish mauve, slightly speckled with amethyst; with heavy substance and with a satiny glistening texture. $30-34 nfs

Cattleya Sea Breeze ‘Blue Ribbon’ HCC/AOS C warneri x C walkeriana Light blue-lavender on white flowers. Fragrant. $34-36 fs


Cattleya Seagulls Crawfish Pie C. pumila x C. brevipedunculata Flowers are large for the size of the plant. They will range from a rich, dark pink to red. $28-32 fs
Cattleya leopoldii (syn. C. tigrina,var Escura) species Cluster of flowers light to tan-brown held above the foliage. Petals and sepals spotted with maroon-purple. A highly variable species with many variations in colour and spots. Spathe lip is a rich, hot pink. $36 fs
Cattleya maxima species Sepals and petals will be a medium to deep lavender with a ruffled lip in dark lavender tones, overlaid with deep magenta veins. $30-32 nfs

$35 fs

  Cattleya nobilor var Coerulea species Brazilian species that is quite compact but with very large, fragrant flowers. Colour should range from a soft lavender blue to a deeper lavender/blue. $34-36 fs
Cattleya trianae var amoena Species Divisions of of a scarce colour form of this species.  Flowers are large, petals and sepals white with a tubular lip the inside of which is yellow/gold and the outer edge accentuated in soft pink. $34-38 fs

Cattleya Valentine Cattleya (warneri coerulea x loddigesii 'Blue Sky') This will be the blue form of Cattleya Valentine. Petals and sepals should be light blue and the ruffled lip will gave a gold center flushing to and ever darker blue violet. $32-35 fs


Cattleya Walkerinter coerulea Cattleya walkeriana coerulea x Cattleya intermedia coerulea This primary hybrid is compact, flowers easily, generally has clusters of up to 6 flowers and is fragrant. Petals and sepals are off white to pale blue with the lower half of the lip varying shades of blue. $32-35 fs


Cattleya White Island Cattleya walkeriana x Cattleya jongheana This compact plant will have large white to pink flowers with a soft golden yellow throat and is fragrant. $34-36 fs

Cattleytonia Ke Kula Cattleya Ann Follis x Broughtonia sanguinea One of several plants purchased from a local Vancouver Island grower. Plants are compact with deep red flowers held high above the foliage. $28-32 fs

Cirrhopetallum Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry FCC/AOS Cirr longissimum x rothschildianum Flowers with overall background color of light green, overlaid with light magenta spotting; sepals and petals with narrow longitudinal striping; lip spotted and striped with magenta; column yellow-green with magenta spots. $28-32 fs 

 pot or mount

Cyrtocidistele Rossini Ctd. (Wils) Intermezzo x Rst. (Odm) rossii 'Major' Deep red flowers with a lighter pink patterning on the base of the lip and at the edges of the petals and sepals. $28-32 fs

Dendrobium (Den. griffithianum x Den. farmeri) Large 'grape like' clusters of white to pale pink flowers with a deep golden orange lip. However, a few have flowered pure yellow with the deeper orange lip (see hyperlink). $30-34 fs

Dendrobium (Den. Nora Tokunaga x Den. aberrans) Expecting full white flowers accentuated by a contrasting red purple stripe on the petals. $26-28 fs
Dendrobium aggregatum species Warm growing with 5 to 15 fragrant flowers, often on a pendant spike  that arises from nodes at the middle of the  cane. Flowers are a deep butter colour with the lip a much deeper gold. $32-35  fs
Dendrobium amethystoglossum species Clusters of flowers having ivory sepals and petals ivory and an amethyst lip. Best grown mounted. Species from the Philippines. $28-32  fs
Dendrobium antennatum species Called the antelope orchid. Flowers are white with lavender to purple striping on the lip, has twisting petals that reach up like antelope antlers. Up to 15 flowers, that are fragrant and long lasting, are held on a 10" long spike. $28-30 nfs

Dendrobium Bardo Rose Dend (falcorostrum 'BE' x Kingianum ('Alison x Inferno') Most will have fragrant, white flowers overlaid with pink-lavender and pink-lavender on reverse of petals. Lip is white, overlaid pale pink-lavender and dark lavender stippling. Compact plant. $26-28 fs


Dendrobium chrysotoxum species Flowers are a rich yellow/gold and the lip is quite frilly. Spike is about 12" long and carries many flowers $32 fs
Dendrobium farmeri species A wide-spread species from Vietnam, that produces dense, pendulous racemes of white (rarely pink) flowers with a golden lip.  $28 nfs

$30-34 fs

Dendrobium kingianum species Compact Australian species - profusion of pinkish-mauve flowers. Fragrant. $25-28 fs

Dendrobium Lutin Blanc Den. aberrans x Den. polysema Unusual cross. The aberrans parent appears to dominate in terms of colour and shape though the polysema parent adds an interesting shape to the lip and petals as well as some purple markings. $28-32 fs
Dendrobium nobile species White flowers with deep red in lip. Petals and sepals brushed with pink. $26 - 32 fs

Dendrobium Nora Tokunaga Dendrobium (atroviolaceum x rhodostictum) The parents of this hybrid are 2 species from Papua New Guinea. Flowers are unusual, with twisting petals that are white whereas the lip is white heavily overlaid in deep pink stripes $28-30 fs
  Dendrobium sanderae var Luzonica species This species from the Philippines has tall canes carrying showy, crystalline white flowers with a throat that is marked with sharply contrasting red or plum-purple parallel stripes. $28-34 fs


Dendrobium tetragonum var gigantea (syn Dend cacatua) species Medium sized species comes from Queensland Australia. It may be grown mounted or in pot. The large, green and brown flowers are quite fragrant. $26 fs
Dendrobium tortile species Pale violet petals and sepals, lip cream coloured and striated in purple. $28-30 fs


Dendrobium Ueang Pheung Dend jenkinsii x Dend aggregatum (lindleyi) Flowers will resemble Dend aggregarum. Yellow to apricot in colour carried in clusters of flowers on a well spaced spike. Can be grown mounted or in pot. $26-30 nfs
  Dendrochilum wenzelii species Species from the Phillipines. Lots of yellow to red flowers are held on each flower spike. Prefers somewhat shaded conditions with intermediate to warm conditions. $30-32 fs
Dendrochilum magnum species Found in The Philippines as an epiphyte that blooms on an erect  20" [50 cm] long, many flowered inflorescence with the fragrant flowers arising in rank and file occurring in the spring and fall. $28 nfs

$34 fs

Encyclia cochlea species Popular species often called the ‘cockleshell’ orchid. Long lasting greenish-yellow inverted flowers with lip striated in purple. Fragrant. $26-32 fs
Epidendrum radicans species This is a reed stem species that is free flowering and carries a cluster of red/orange flowers at the end of an upright spike. Epid radicans has roots growing along the upright stem whereas epid ibaguense does not. $28-32 fs

Euryangis Spicychild Aerangis spiculata x Eurychone rothschildiana The aerangis seems to dominate in this cross with the flowers being white but with some green in the lip. The eurychone influence can be seen in the relatively large lip.

$25-28 fs

Gomesa (Oncidum) Alosuka 'Claire' AM/AOS Gomesa Memoria (Kiyoshi Akatsuka x Aloha Sunshine) You can expect lots of flowers having chartreuse petals and sepals with maroon spots at the tips and a large yellow lip with a dark maroon center. $28-30 fs

Guaricattonia Grt Why Not 'Roundabout' x Ctna Orglade's Little Lover 'Jacks Hill' Dark pink to red, round flat flowers carried in a cluster high above the foliage of this compact plant. $32-34 fs


Laelia pumila Tipo species There has been a range of colour forms from this latest importation. Some are the standard rose coloured flowers, others have been white with pink or coerulea lips and others solid dark pinks. Flowers are large for the size of the plant and easy to bloom. $32-34 fs
  Laelia (Cattleya)purpurata Schusteriana species Brazilain species. Flowers are pristine white with the lip midlobe a dark amethyst. Large flowers. $28 ls

Masdevallia Masd (Angel Tang x princeps) Most of these will have large flowers in sunset tones, many with red flares and spotting. Intermediate grower that prefers dappled light. $26 fs


Masdevallia Masd (chaparensis x garciae) Looking for flowers ranging from white to yellow overlaid with lots of purple patterning. $26-28 fs

Masdevallia Masd (Myck Santos x pachyura) These should range from cream to pale rose in colour, many with deeper pink spots. Some have been pleasantly fragrant. $25-28 fs
Masdevallia angulata (burfordensis) species Yellow/green flowers suffused with maroon stripes and spots $28-30 fs     
Masdevallia barlaeana species Miniature Species. Flowers are a brilliant rosy crimson. $28-30  fs
Masdevallia floribunda species Miniature species. Flowers are about 1 inch in size and can range from a rich burnt yellow to maroon in colour. Intermediate to warm conditions are fine for this plant. $26 fs

Masdevallia Lavender Ice Masd. Redwing x Masd. glandulosa Deep lavender pink flowers on a compact plant. Flower colour is near fluorescent! $28 fs


Masdevallia Huayna Picchu (Masd. veitchiana x Masd. princeps) Large, deep orange flowers. Intermediate grower and diffuse light are ideal conditions for this plant. $28 fs
Masdevallia paivaeana species Charming miniature species. Petals and sepals are pink and the 'tails' are orange. The lip is yellow suffused in orange. $25 fs


Masdevallia Prince Charming Masd (angulata x veitchiana) Large flowers with sepals and petals orange with darker lines of deep red-burgundy. $28-30 fs

Masdevallia Resplendent Giant Masdevallia (chaparensis x macrura) Deep magenta flowers with dark spotting.  Flowers are large in comparison to the size of the plant. $26 fs

Masdevallia Shizuko Kawatsura Masd. Tuakau Candy x Masd. Copper Angel Deep golden yellow to orange flowers most of which are overlaid with dark reddish striping. Miniature. $26 fs

Masdevallia Teipels Coppertri Masd Copperwing x Masd triangularis Yellow gold flowers burnished wil a patina of red/orange hairs. $25 fs
Masdevallia tovarensis species This miniature plant throws a multitude of pure white flowers. $26-28 fs

Very Limited

Maxillaria  cucullata Species Found in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  Flowers are quite variable, ranging from tan to nearly black, but most often in deep mahogany tones, with stripes or spotting. Fragrant. $28-34 fs
Maxillaria rufescens Species Flower colour is extremely variable, ranging from white to red/brown. Petals are often yellow, regardless of the color of the sepals. The lip is also usually yellow with red or red-brown or red-purple spotting. Fragrant. $32 nfs

$36 fs

Maxillaria tenuifolia Species This Maxillaria has flowers that smell like coconut. The colour can be variable but sepals and petals are generally are a deep, dark red and speckled with yellow. The lip is white heavily overlaid in red. $32 fs  3 1/2" to 4" pots

$36 fs  5" and 6" pots

Miltassia C. M. Fitch ‘Izumi’ Brassia verrucosa x Miltonia spectabilis Sepals and petals pale green with purple blotches evenly distributed; lip lilac. This clone has well spaced flowers. $28-30 fs


Miltassia Shelob 'Tolkien' AM/AOS Mtssa Olmec x Brassia Edvah Loo Flowers are chartreuse; petal base covered solid dark velvety brown changing to bars, tips burnished brown; lip flushed rose. Mericlone. $30-32  fs


Miltonia spectabilis  species Brazilian species - intermediate to warm conditions with good light needed - petals & sepals are white with pink lip overlaid by darker striping.  Can easily grow into a specimen plants. $26-30 fs

 Odontocidium Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl' HCC/AOS  Odcdm Tiger Hambuhren x Odcdm Crowborough Many large (nearly 3") flowers on a branched spike. Flushed red blooms, maroon markings and a bright yellow lip. Very attractive. and the picture does not do it jus  $26-30 fs

Oncidesa Little Dragon Gom. (Bapt) echinata x Onc. cheirophorum Lots of flowers on this miniature plant. Blossoms are a bright yellow with a deep red lip.  Should be fragrant. $26 fs

Oncidioda Chaculatum Oncda Charlesworthii x Onc maculatum '4N' Variable flower colour, from a soft pink to much brighter oranges to red.  $28-32 fs
Oncidium Onc Tiger Crow x Onc Hans Koch Most will have big lemon yellow flowers with varying degrees of deep red spots/blotches on large white lip and the sepals and petals. $30-34 fs
Oncidium (Wilsonara) Onc [(Tigerschein x Woodlands) x Bonne Nuit] These have tall flower spikes carrying many yellow flowers that are heavily in chestnut or mahogany. Lip will be cream to yellow. $30-32 fs
Oncidium cheirophorum species Miniature oncidium. Bright yellow, waxy fragrant flowers. South American species. $26-28 fs
Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Rainbow' Oncidium (Ruffles x Sharry Baby) Given the two parents to this plant one can expect extremely fragrant flowers (vanilla to chocolate scents). Plant is easy to grow and throws multiple spikes of red and white flowers. $30-32 fs
  Oncidium Aka Baby 'Raspberry Chocolate' Oncidium Jimbo x Oncidium Sharry Baby Lots of fragrant flowers on this Onc Sharry Baby hybrid. Sepals and petals are cream-color heavily overlaid with oxblood and the upper half of of the lip is raspberry red with the lower half pristine white. $30-32 fs
Oncidium Opalescent 'Lavender Light' AM/AOS Oncidium (Nationhood x trilobu) This clone should have branching spikes carrying large ruffled flowers that are blushed lavender. The sepals are sparsely spotted wine red. $28-30 fs


Oncidium (Odontoglossum) Serendipity 'Mellow Yellow' HCC/AOS Oncidium (cirrhosum x praestanoides) This plant has white sepals with butter yellow margins and oxblood spot. Petals are white with butter yellow margins, oxblood stippling at base, some with larger spots. Bright intense butter yellow lip with small oxblood spots. $28-30 fs
Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'  Onc Honolulu x Onc Jamie Sutton A sweet chocolate or vanilla fragrance gives this plant a fantastic edge! A multitude of reddish flowers with white edged lips, multiple spikes and a vigorous grower.  $32-35 fs
Oncidium Twinkle Onc (sotoanum) x cheirophorum) Miniature oncidium with a branching spikes carrying a multitude of fragrant (vanilla) cream to pale yellow flowers. $28-30  fs
Oncidium Twinkle 'Pink Profusion' Onc (sotoanum) x cheirophorum) An easy to grow miniature which throws masses of pink flowers that are extremely fragrant $26 fs
Oncostele (Odontoglossum) Geyser Gold 'Okika' Oncostele Anneliese Rothenberger x Oncidium Parade This clone has rich yellow coloured flowers overlaid with much darker yellow/ orange blotches. $28 fs
Oncostele (Wilsonara) Aloha Sparks 'Halloween' Oncostele Lorraine's Fourteenth Woc x Oncidium Redhot Spark This plant sends up branching spikes with dozens of vibrant red flowers having a complementary fiery orange red lip. $30-32  fs
Oncostele (Wilsonara) Eye Candy 'Pinky' Oncostele Catatante x Oncidium Barossa Delight This clone has vibrant pink flowers overlaid with deep red markings. Lip has yellow and red highlights. $28-30 fs
Oncostele (Wilsonara) Tan Treasures 'Lavender Picotee' Oncidium Bunbury x Oncostele Catatante Large star shaped flowers with petals and sepals having a white base with lavender edges and overlaid with darker red/maroon spots. Lip has a yellow center with dark maroon edges. $28-30 fs
Rhynchonia (Odontonia) Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side of Cool' Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Miltonia Honolulu  These large flowers will have sepals and petals that are chartreuse, overlaid with purple. The lip is deep purple with darker purple veins $30-32 fs
 Wilsonara Kolibri  Wils intermezzo x Odm pescatorei Bright purple flowers on large branching spikes. Easy grower.  $28-32 fs

Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum [(Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng)] x Maudiae Vinicolor These will be coloratum and vinicolors. Flowers should be large and balanced held high above the mottled leafed foliage. $28-32 fs
  Paphiopedilum Paph Lippewunder x Paph druryi Paph Lippewunder has a dorsal that is yellow to almond with a central mahogany flare, petals are similarly coloured with a mahogany stripe. Pouch will be cream to rich almond in colour. The crossing to druryi should accentuate this already stunning combination of colours. $30-32 nfs

Paphiopedilum Paph (Samba Deception x fairrieanum) The Samba Deception parent should impart green petals and sepals heavily suffused with dark maroon spots. Pouch is tan to mahogany. The fairrieanum parent should provide flaring in the dorsal and likely add striping. $30-32 fs


Paphiopedilum [Ching Hua Vinicolor x (Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng) 'Roberto' a Maudiae 'Schwartz Madonna'] Breeding for very large, dark vinicoloured flowers. $22 ls
  Paphiopedilum Angelina Kruger Paph (sanderianum x haynaldianum) Expect to have great long petals, a bit fu manchu style, dorsal is cream and striped and the petals are the same until about half way down when they take on a more solid mahogany colour. Multifloral. $32 ls
Paphiopedilum appletonianum species Dorsal sepal will be green, likely some striping; rose-lavender pouch with venation; rose spoon-shaped petals with some green. $35 fs

Very Limited

Paphiopedilum Debora Paph (micranthum x jackii) These are flowering quite similar to Paph Fanaticum, dorsal and petals varying shades of green overlaid with burgundy tessellations. Pouch in the creamy white tones with some sprinkling of pink to burgundy spots. $35  fs

Paphiopediluym Delophyllum Paph (delantii x glaucophyllum) Flowers are a creamy pink; petals and petals are sprinkled with rows of tiny rose dots. Multiple growth plants. $28-32 nfs

Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle Paphiopedilum (rothschildianum x micranthum) Base colour will be creamy yellow to pale green, heavily overlaid with raspberry; dorsal sepal heavily tessellated in raspberry. Large Seedlings.   $28-30 ls

$35 nfs

Paphiopedilum haynaldianum 'Cynosure' HCC x Lloyd's Am AOS Species Very dark and large form of species Expect dorsal sepals that are cream and green with purple blushes. Petals are held in a Fu Manchu style, lower half pink tones with upper part green with some spotting. Pouch should be tan. $32-34 nfs

Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh Paph (delanatii x vietnamense) Sepals and petals pink; pouch rich medium raspberry pink. Flowers are quite large and often there will be 2 flowers on a flower spike. $25  ss

$34 fs

Paphiopedilum Honey OIE0144 (alba) Paph. philippinense var. album 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS x primulium var. album 'Full Moon' Remake of this beautiful primary hybrid using two albino form of the species. Flowers will be tending to the yellow tan colours. $34 fs
Paphiopedilum insigne Species The dorsal sepal is green, marked with large brown spots, the margin white. The petals are yellowish green, veined pale brown. The lip is golden brown, veined darker brown, the side lobes a deep yellow-brown with paler margins. $28-30 nfs

$36 fs

Paphiopedilum Johanna Burkhardt Paph (rothschildianum x aductum) The best of these should have green sepals, striped in dark burgundy; tan pouch becoming soft green toward tips and faintly striped mahogany. $34 nfs

$38 fs

Paphiopedilum Joyce Hasegawa Paph (delanatii x emersonii) Dorsal sepals and petals creamy white, blushed dark pink,  white pouch overlaid with rose-pink blush and fine spots. Very large flowers. Fragrant. $32 nfs

$38-42 fs

Very Limited

Paphiopedilum Magic Lantern Paph (micranthum x delanatii) Pink to magenta flowers overlaid with deeper veins or spots. $28 nfs

$32 fs

Paphiopedilum Memoria Larry Heuer

Paph (malipoense x emersonii)

Expect yellow to chartreuse flowers, some overlaid green and rose to red stippling. $38-45 fs

Paphiopedilum Norbert Gomes Paph (insigne Dark Form x Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS) Flowers should be large, glossy, well shaped and in mahogany and cream shades. $28-30  nfs

$35 fs

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio ‘Natural Beauty’ x sib ‘Giant Albino’ PUN 666 Paph (glaucophyllum x primulinum) Solid greens sequentials, some tinged pink. Paphanatics breeding. $32-35 fs

Paphiopedilum Prince Edward of York Paph (sanderianum x rothschildianum) Multifloral. Petals and sepals will be in cream to green hues with mahogany striping and spots. Petals are very long and the plants are large. $60 fs


Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin Paph (rothschildianum 'Ronnie's Wings' HCC x philippinense) These have large, sweeping flowers which can be up to 10 inches long! The base colour is a cream with a large vertically striped dorsal sepal and long twisting spotted petals. Paphanatics breeding. $28-35 ls

5" - 6" leaf span

Paphiopedilum Sakaki Paph (bellatulum x wenshanense This primary cross has flowers that resemble Paph bellatulum, Large, slightly cupped white flowers heavily marked with dark red spots. $35 fs

Very Limited

Paphiopedilum wardii Species This species has light green leaves mottled dark green, with red/purple spotting on the underside of the leaf. The flower is about 10 cm across, the dorsal sepal white with prominent green stripes. The petals are broad, green yellow heavily spotted red brown, with a green flush at the very base. The pouch is yellow, flushed mahogany. $35 fs
Phalaenopsis bellina species Two select clones of this sought after species. Waxy white to pale yellow flowers with the lateral sepals suffused violet purple. Incredible fragrance. $35 fs


Phalaenopsis cornu cervi and (['Jungle' x #2) x Yellow)] species Waxy chartreuse flowers heavily barred  with mahogany. Quite a compact plant. $28 fs
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi 'Red' species This is the deeper red colour form of this phalaenopsis species. The blooms are waxy, star-shaped, and lacquered red. The spikes on this species will continue producing successive flowers for many months. $28-32 fs
Phalaenopsis equestris species Flowers will be a rose purple with the sepals and petals outlined in creamy white. The lip will be a deeper rose purple. $28-30 fs

Picture of Phrag Les Dirouilles 'JP'

Phragmipedium Phrag (Les Dirouilles 'JP' 4n x Majestic Tresses) Both parents are long petalled phrags with flowers primarily in green and tan colours, though some will have mahogany highlights. $36-38 ls

Phragmipedium   Magic Twig Phrag (Taras x Mont Fallu 4n) With one of the parents having Grande in the backgound, expecting large, relatively long petalled flowers, in green and tan colours, some with twisting petals that will be tending to mohagany shades. $38-40 fs

Phragmipedium Sedenii Phrag schlimii x longifolium Deep pink to red flowers, nicely rounded pouch pink on the outside and creamy white inside. $36-38 nfs


Pleurothallis secunda species South American species. Creamy yellow flowers with magenta striping. $26-28 fs

Prosthechea Elfin Psh. (cochleata x prismatocarpa) Expecting flowers that more closely resemble the prismatocarpa parent that the cochleata parent. Creamy white petals and sepals with wine red spots, lip pale lavender overlaid with deeper wine striations. $28-34  fs

Prosthechea Green Hornet Psh (cochleata x trulla) The flowers on this cross greatly resembles the Psh cochleata parent. Expect long lasting greenish-yellow inverted flowers with a lip striated in purple. Fragrant. 30 fs


Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS Psychopsis (papilio x Butterfly) Large, flat sequential flowers carried on a long spike. The dorsal sepal and petals should be mahogany edged in bright yellow. The lip is ruffled, yellow with mahogany blotches. $28 nfs


Renanthera monachica species This species carries many star-shaped blossoms that are bright orange and fairly densely spotted with irregularly shaped blood-red spots $32 fs

Rhynchoelaliocattleya RLC Toshie Aoki x (Rlc Apricot Flare x Rlc Sunset Bay) Breeding for yellow to gold flowers with red flares and deep red lip. $35-38 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Cattleya Motte Spot 'Paradise' x Rlc Hilo Grand Cattleya Motte Spot 'Paradise' x Rlc Hilo Grand $25-28 ls


Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Blc) Pink Empress Rhyncholaeliocattleya Mount Hood x Rhyncholaeliocattleya Bryce Canyon Very large, deep pink flowers with a contrasting yellow gold lip lightly striated in deep pink $36 fs


  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Village Chief North C Village Chief Cuba x Rlc Memoria Helen Brown Expecting pale green sepals and cream petals with varying amounts of pink feathering and a deeper pink lip. Unusual but very attractive colour combination $32-35 fs


Rhyncholaelia digbyana species Central American species. Each sheath generally only has one large, very showy flower. Petals and sepals are creamy white, sometimes with pale green highlights, and the creamy white lip is very large and fimbriated. Extremely fragrant. $35-38 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Goldenzelle 'Taida' HCC/AOS Rlc Fortune x C Horace Large flowers that have bright lemon yellow petals and sepals with a hint of rose. Lip is also yellow with bright lavender veining midway down $25 ls


Rhyncholaeliocattleya Young Kong '16' Rlc Green Fantasy x Rlc Tassie Barbero Medium sized Cattleya hybrid. Inflorescences should produce 3-4 large, fragrant flowers. Flowers will be 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" across. Sepals and petals will be a rich bright yellow with the lip a darker yellow with a red/lavender throat. Picture $36-38  fs


Rhyncostylis coelestis species This is a relatively small (up to 8") Asian species that is extremely floriferous. The waxy, fragrant flowers are white marked with violet or deep blue. The lip is white with the lower part a vivid deep blue. $30-32 fs



Sederia japonica Species The flower spike of this species is curved, and made up of many greenish white flowers, with purple bars on the lip. The 6 to 10 flowers open in succession and are prized for their sweet fragrance.  Japanese species. $26-28 fs

Sophrolaeliocattleya Jewel Box ‘Dark Waters’ AM/AOS C aurantiaca x SLC Anzac Compact plant with stunning, dark warm-red sepals and petals; deeper red lip; yellow-orange striations in upper throat. Mericlone. $28-30 ls
Stanhopea jenischiana ‘Carlyle’ x self Species Large, dark yellow to orange flowers with light red spotting. Fragrant. $35-38 fs
Stanhopea tigrina #29 Species Flowers are large, Yellow with chocolate purple blotches. Showy. Fragrant $36-38 fs
Tuberolabium kotoense (aka saccolabium quisumbingii) species Miniature species from Taiwan. Lots of small, fragrant long lasting flowers that are creamy white with a lip lip that is marked with wine-red or purple spots. Warm grower. $26-28 fs


Vandopirea Little One Vdps. parishii var Mariotiana x Sed. japonica Petals and sepals are solid yellow overlaid with mahogany spots. $28-30 fs


Zygonisia Cynosure 'Blue Birds' AM/AOS Aganisia cyanea x Zygopetalum Skippy Ku This plant has white flowers with sepals and petals that are overlaid in deep violet and a lip that is heavily suffused in violet $28-32 fs


Note: My picture colour is off  as the actual flower colour is more blue to purple.

Zygotoria (Bolopetalum) Midnight Blue 'Cardinal's Roost' Pescatoria violacea x Zygopetalum B. G. White This cross exhibits the best qualities of both parents. Lots of showy fragrant flowers. The sepalss and petals are an intense purple color overlaying a light green base and the lip is bright purple with white picotee. $26-28 nfs





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